Monday, September 28, 2009

A Beautiful Autumn Day

We had the most beautiful autumn day. The Rices came to visit because Eric was actually building us a new gate and Brieanne was determined to teach me to knit! I think she brought autumn to us with this GORGEOUS yarn with it's beautiful reds and greens. After our breakfast together, she gave me my lesson and then taught Bella to finger knit and Olivia to cast on. Both girls did it for almost the rest of the day! Even I caught on in my lesson for the first time (I've had some previous lessons with other friends and even my grandma.) It felt so good to be finally catching on!

After lunch, I took Brieanne to see her friend and I went to our local Waldorf School to buy a candle snuffer--it was really fun to go to the Wishing Well because they have the the most beautiful toys and art supplies.

When we got home, our children had a blast being together. This usually includes LOTS of dress-up and dancing. I loved how Olivia made Ceci a "bride" and then Ceci and Ethan danced a lot together. We have a really cute new fairy music CD.

We made a delicious roast and mashed potatoes for dinner. Brieanne brought more of autumn to us by making a DELICIOUS apple crisp. It smelled so good and felt so appropriate for the harvest season. YUM!

After they had to leave, I did a few more rows. I know there are a lot of mistakes, but at least I'm finally getting it!! Yay!! I am so excited. Thank you, Brieanne!

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Tammy said...

YAY on the knitting! Post a photo when you finish your project, ok?