Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homemade Butter!

Today we spontaneously made some butter! We were eating breakfast, and I poured some cream on our oatmeal. I was explaining to the girls that cream is the fatter part of the milk that rises to the top and that butter is made from cream, and next thing we knew we were shaking our cream into butter. The process is really fascinating! The cream goes from really thick and creamy to suddenly a big yellow clump in a matter of moments. You have to pour off the excess and then you have . . . butter! We added a bit of salt and later put it on some corn. YUM!!! By the way, the cream we used is raw (uncooked, nutrients intact) from Organic Pastures.

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Tammy said...

Save the liquid, buttermilk is so wonderful in baking. :)

We love making butter at our house too.