Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our first week of school . . .

Our first week of school was fun and hard! :( It is REALLY difficult to go from the fun and lack of routine of summer to the routine of school. During the summer, especially when all our cousins were visiting, we broke all of my rules! There were DVD's playing more often than I want to say, my girls were not eating as healthily as I like, and we ran all over the place with no kind of routine. I am glad we could start off our school year with a field trip and that we could have our rainbow bridge ceremony, but all the other days were pretty tough! (And the fact that our local mountains are on fire didn't help!) I'm totally going slow, and EASING into things, but no matter how slow we're going, it has been hard for the girls to adjust from too much freedom to a schedule. While having our circle times (where we do our calendar, sing songs, hear a story, etc,) the girls have been grumpy, and even have fought with each other! When we sit down to do our work, they've also been grumpy at each other and are not patient when the other makes any noise. I am praying I can get these bumps worked out, and that I can have the strength to be a nice and patient mommy/teacher! One huge blessing is that Ceci still naps and we get her to sleep for our school time. All I can say is, wish me luck!!

One thing that I am super-grateful for is that both my big girls are REALLY GOOD readers. We went to the library on Friday and checked out LOTS of books. Bella has already gone through the first two Fairy Chronicles books since, (3 days!) and Lala has been reading "Little Chick," "Amelia Bedelia" and many, many other books. They could read all day! And their writing is coming along very nicely as well.

We are using a combination of Christopherus and A Little Garden Flower curriculum again this year. I LOVE both of them so much! Both are very user-friendly and take the mystery out of Waldorf.

I wish I could post more on what we do for school, but it seems I barely have the energy to just DO the school! I think I just have to stick to the highlights of life on this blog. I will try to put more. As I said before, wish me luck!! Or better, remember me in your prayers!!

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Tammy said...

I think the most important thing is enjoying them while they are young. The rest will come...

You are an awesome mom and teacher. It's obvious from your blog that your girls are happy, loved, and being taught what is important not only with academics, but also with the gospel. That's all that matters. :)