Monday, August 10, 2009


What a beautiful day we had!! We started by doing some camp cooking which I totally love!! Why do I love cooking on a campstove so much? Craig made the bacon (Niman Ranch!) and I made eggs and potatoes in butter. Sooooo yummy. We then got ready and went to check out our beach. It was a beautiful morning and the walk to the beach was so pretty on this little path. We LOVED all the pebbles and spent lots of time sorting throught them and finding our favorites. (Again.)

After a while, we decided to head the one mile down to Cambria. We heard there was a fun park there which we found and played at. It's right on the beach if you look beyond the swings out the opening!! We saw dolphins!! But the pictures only show their top fin so I didn't post them. Later, we wandered the town of Cambria-- so many cute shops!! The girls LOVED it!! Our favorite was probably the ducky store. We got lunch at a place called Linn's Easy as Pie. Our camera started acting funny here, but it got better (maybe a grain of sand got in it?) Anyways, we had a DELICIOUS lunch of quiche on this pretty patio where we sat right underneath the windmill. Later, we went into this beautiful shop that had this garden in the back where the girls started acting cute. Ceci kept saying "cheese, cheese, cheese, my girls" and was cracking her sisters up! Cambria is such an awesome town!

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