Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cambria, Mt. Olive, and SLO Farmer's Market

What an awesome day we had! We woke up to a GORGEOUS blue-sky day. We decided to walk the boardwalk of Cambria because the sky was so clear and blue. It was prettier than these pictures can show. We thought it was neat to see this lady plein air painting.

Ceci got to meet a friendly squirrel.

After enjoying the beautiful walk, we got in the car and headed east about 40 minutes to Paso Robles to go to Mt. Olive Organic Farm. We found this farm online and were excited to check it out! They have cows, (they were grazing in a far-off field,) goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks and bunnies. They also had lots of crops and a sprouting house. It was really fun to check out all that they do at this farm!

They also have a store and a restaurant, everything organic, and the beef is grass fed, and raised on the farm. We got a delicious lunch of pizzas, a meatball sandwich, and a teriyaki steak sandwich. They were wonderful people-- they started this farm based on their Christian beliefs and their desires to live in the way that God intended when He created the world. We totally agree with their philosophies.

We left the farm and headed south to San Luis Obispo. Thursday evening is the night of their Farmer's Market which is really big and really fun. We started by checking out gum alley which is a famous alleyway in SLO covered in a-b-c gum!! We found a gumball machine not far away so that the girls could also contribute their a-b-c gum! At the Market, there are lots of produce vendors, food vendors, and street musicians up and down the street. The stores also stay open late and lots of other vendors set up. We then wandered up and down Higuera St. checking out the cool things for sale, the produce, and the awesome musicians. We saw the stand that the people from Mt.Olive set up-- they do lots of Farmer's Market's. We danced a lot to a couple of guys playing some great tunes by Santana, Malo, Steely Dan and others. They were really good!! We also got some yummy vegetarian food from the Hare Krishnas. San Luis Obispo is so cool and we had such a fun day!


Tammy said...

Oh my heck...I'm laughing so hard!

The ABC gum alley...oh that is just TOO funny!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Still laughing here, and Kayla HAD to see what I was laughing about. If we ever get out that way, we'll have to make sure to stop and see you. And have you take us to see the gum alley! :)

Leslie said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos of Cambria by the Sea. My 15 year old daughter's name is Cambria, Cami for short. I've promised her a trip there for her 16th birthday. That is March, so we'll see what the economy shows. I went to your blog to see photos of Cathy and Joseph because I am missing her so much! I would love to meet you some day and see Craig again. We had a lot of fun together in our first area in Paraguay.