Sunday, August 9, 2009

San Simeon State Beach

So we stayed at a motel so that we could be clean to go to church today!! We went to a ward in Atascadero which is just north of San Luis Obispo and east of San Simeon. We really enjoyed the ward and met lots of nice people! After church, we went to our campground. On the way, while driving through Cambria, we saw these cute deer eating on the hill.

We had booked a few nights at San Simeon State beach. It was really nice! We were so lucky to get a spot very close to the beach. Number "104," the girls kept chanting it as we drove through the park deciding which one to choose. It was nice, it had these fun trees to climb in. We walked over to the beach right away. It was foggy and a little gloomy, but still nice. We loved all the colored pebbles that we ended up sorting through and picking out our favorites. Then we went back to our campground to set up the tent and start dinner. I made yummy camp food-- hamburger patties with onions, carrots and potatoes with lots of butter. It was soooo yummy! We enjoyed our dinner very much and soon after we were roasting marshmellows. It was very foggy and quite a cold night, but it felt so good to be camping!!

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Tammy said...

What a nice little vacation.

Big sigh here, as I come back to the real world and remember I live in IDAHO. lol