Saturday, August 8, 2009

Picking Blueberries and Solvang!

Today we started out on our family vacation! Craig only has two weeks off this summer-- we spent the first week (this past week) doing work around the house and (finally!) building a chicken coop. For the second week, we planned a little vacation. We started by heading up to Solvang which is a really cute Dutch village. Just before we got there, we saw a field of blueberry bushes where you could pick your own! We HAD to stop! (And thankfully, they were unsprayed!) We all picked and picked (and sampled and sampled) until together we filled up one of these buckets. They were soooooooo good!! We finished them really fast.

We then headed over to Solvang!

This town is so cute! It's full of cutesy shops, but we really enjoy them. I have great memories of coming here with my family in my youth. There is one store full of fairy stuff and the girls wandered in it forever. They also really enjoyed the two local toy stores and a gem store. We got lunch at "Solvang Restaurant" where they have delicious aebleskivers which is kind of like a fried pancake ball that you eat with raspberry syrup. We had to break down and have some! We rode in this cute horse-drawn trolley and had a little tour of the town. The girls loved petting the horses! We had a really good time. We stayed at a Motel 6 for the night, but we're going to camp for the rest of the week!

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