Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Sur

This was possibly our favorite day of our trip. We drove up the 1 through Big Sur. The views were breath-taking! We stopped as many times as we could and got out to enjoy the views. We stopped at Ragged Point which is right at the southern-most part of Big Sur. It was gorgeous!

Soon we found ourselves at a place called Big Sur Spirit Garden which is an art gallery and a performance venue. There is also a store there called Garden Gallery which carries beautiful and eco-friendly clothing and jewelry. The girls had a lot of fun going in this "spirit nest." We really enjoyed this place a lot and it was hard to leave!!

Thankfully, we did leave though, because we ended up just a bit more north at Pfieffer Big Sur State Park. It is BEAUTIFUL here and I CAN'T WAIT to camp here one day soon!! We went to a day use area and had a picnic lunch of BLT's. It was gorgeous (but a little precarious with all the poison oak!) We then went to the lodge and hung out for a bit and got some ice cream. Then we went to the stream and played for a while in it. It was BEAUTIFUL at the stream. I wish I could just live right at this stream! Again, we didn't want to leave, but we're so glad we did!! Can you believe it got BETTER? Well, it did!

We then drove two miles down a canyon to Pfieffer Beach!! You can barely see the turn-off for the road, but it's there! What a beautiful drive and an unbelievably GORGEOUS beach!! We were so lucky to find it! There was a big pool of water that the tide had brought in, and the girls loved swimming in it. I hope the pictures convey at least partially how beautiful this place is, it might be the prettiest beach I've ever been to! We stayed until very close to sunset which was also gorgeous. I can't wait to return to this beach again.

On the way home, down the very dark Hwy 1, we were treated to an amazing meteor shower-- the Perseids! To be on the coast, all we had to do was look out the window to see the shooting stars! Watching this, I saw the HUGEST shooting star I've ever seen, and I seriously SCREAMED! That streak across the sky is now forever embedded in my mind, it was brighter than lighting! Even the girls got to see some shooting stars although I was the only one to see the huge one. I didn't take this picture, but I threw it in here for illustration. Today I must say I was overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of God's creations! I am so grateful.

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Tammy said...

Oh gosh, I love the Monterey area. It is my very, very, very favorite place in the whole world.