Thursday, November 12, 2009

St. Martin

How we love to celebrate this festival! We've been singing all the songs that go with it the past couple days, and today we had a wonderful time making our lanterns. We made them with colored tissue paper, gems, glass jars and wire. We also attached sticks for handles. The big girls made theirs while Ceci napped and then they helped her make one when she woke up. When it got dark, I told the story and then we went on our beautiful walk. We sang the whole time-- "St. Martin," "I Walk With My Little Lantern," "Glimmer Lantern Glimmer," "High and Blue the Sky" "This Little Light of Mine," and "Love One Another." These are songs about lanterns, St. Martin and the Savior. We came home to have our dinner and some hot chocolate. It was such a nice night! To read more about St. Martin, here's my post from last year.

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Natalie said...

Reading your blog and seeing all the cool things your family does makes me want to home school!