Sunday, November 1, 2009

We had an awesome Halloween last night! It was the THIRD time the girls dressed up in their costumes. This time, I tried to do Bella's make-up a little more accurately (though I avoided putting white make-up-- I worried it would look gross.) I thought she looked beautiful. Olivia and Ceci looked awesome too. I let Olivia do her own make-up every time because she really wanted to. At the last second I threw on a gypsy costume-- I had not planned to!

To begin our celebrating, we went to our church party/"Trunk or Treat." For those unfamliar with them, that is when people put their cars together in the church parking lot, decorate their trunks and hand out candy from them. It was fun, we got to see our church friends, and the girls got TONS of candy really fast! Thank heavens the "Halloween Fairy" visits us to take the candy and leave a present. And I was so happy that we ran into a Jack Skellington there so that Bella could take a picture with him. It really made our night complete!

So after the trunk or treat, we went to my friend Lucy's for a totally cool candlelit dinner and party. We had Thai food prepared by David-- Galanga soup with pumpkin, squash and chicken served over rice. It was deeeeeeeeelicious! And it was so fun to eat by candlelight. For dessert, we brought these naughty cupcakes for the kids and also a healthy apple crisp and organic ice cream.

After dinner, the girls went to play on the trampoline. Later, Lucy read them a fairy story by the bonfire. Afterwards, she led them on a fun, sorta scary treasure hunt in and around her house. At various locations around the house, there were treats for the girls. At each place, the girls had to yell "Goblins, Cats, Bats and Witches-- Share with us your treats and riches!" to get their treats. They had a blast, they are so spoiled. We stayed at Lucy's 'til 1:00 am!! We had so much fun.

When we got home, the girls each chose their five favorite candies from their loot and then put all the rest on our front porch to see what the Halloween fairy would bring them.

I still can't believe we went to four Halloween parties this year, but they were all so much fun! It wore me out way too much, but I can't see how anything could have been different.

By the way, the Halloween Fairy brought the girls an awesome bead kit which they've been enjoying all day!

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