Sunday, November 28, 2010

More September

September 27- We got an awesome kids Yoga DVD and my girls LOVE it! I loved how cute they looked doing this pose together! :)
September 26- Alex made us a delicious Korean dinner-- bulgoki. Yum! We also had the Korean sister missionaries over. September 23- We did this cool crystal growing kit! It grew really fast! In a matter of a few hours!
September 21- We went on a field trip with Sky Mountain Charter School to the Arboretum. We joined our friends Mya, Wynn and Paige and all the girls had an absolute blast!!!
September 20- We made an apple pie from scratch with the apples we picked at Los Rio Ranchos.
Sept 17- We celebrated Constitution Day!! We read scriptures about it, read an awesome book about the history of it called "A More Perfect Union," by Betsy Maestro, we wrote out the preamble, and then looked at this awesome replica that I bought. We then watched all the schoolhouse rock videos on the government. We LOVE the constitution! That night, we got to celebrate Kippy's birthday with a DELICIOUS dinner at her house!! Happy Birthday, my wonderful friend!!

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