Sunday, November 21, 2010

Butterfly Pavilion on Labor Day

We LOVE to go to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum. We finally went this year on Labor Day which was its last day! We're so glad we made it!

When we first got there, a butterfly (a "Morning Cloak") landed on Bella. It was so cute! Then, Olivia wanted one to land on her! We hung out in there for quite a while waiting and hoping one would land on Olivia too. In the meantime, one landed on me! And then one land on Ceci too, but too briefly for a picture. FINALLY, after some stress, another Morning Cloak landed on Olivia. And he ended up staying on her for a good little while. SHE WAS SO HAPPY!! And we were too. Believe me, you don't want an unhappy Olivia! Then, one landed on Daddy too. It was really fun. We learned from one of the guides there that butterflies are very territorial and that if they land on you, it's because they want you to leave!! :) I hated to leave the Pavilion and all the beautiful butterflies!! By the way, we finally got a new camera!! We gave up on finding the old one. So I had a great time taking these pictures with our new camera. It was a beautiful day! :)

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