Monday, November 22, 2010

Los Rio Ranchos Apple Farm

On September 8th, we had the MOST beautiful day at this wonderful farm/orchard in Yucaipa! It was homeschool day and we went with our good friends Almitra, Wynn, Mya and Paige. We did so many fun things!! We got to write our names with a quill, we got to grind coffee by pounding it in a bag, we got to saw wood, and we hung apple slices for drying. My girls FAVORITE was hand washing and hanging the clothes! We also got to make corn husk dollies! Then we got to wash apples, help press them in a cider press, and then taste the cider and it was DELICIOUS!! Olivia tried out some archery too. This place was so fun and so beautiful! We then got to pick raspberries, blackberries and apples. The highlight for my girls though, had to be finding these gorgeous black kittens! They played with them as long as they could. We had such a sweet time!! And we brought home some cider and some apple pie to Daddy when we got home. What a wonderful day!

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