Sunday, November 14, 2010


Even before my dad passed away, I wasn't caught up on this blog. So after he passed away, and life got really crazy, (we thought we were going to move & spent a lot of time looking for places AND Craig got laid off!) the blog just became the last thing on my mind.

Anyways, I thought I would post some pictures of some of the highlights from spring (March, April and May.) Some stuff is from before my dad passed away. The birthday party was the day before his passing. (By the way, we were blessed with work during the summer from Craig's old job and then he got a new teaching job in Pomona up until the 1st of November when he started working for Compton Unified again. This time, at Dominguez Hills High School. He is very happy there.)

We spent a couple times at Vroman's book store selling girl scout cookies.

Our Strawberries came in very nicely.

On March 27th, we had a super-fun birthday tea party with face-painting, tea and sandwiches, a flower treasure hunt and cupcakes. We made felted necklaces to give for favors.

We were getting ready for Easter.

We sprouted 5 different kinds of tomato seeds.

We continued to work at our Organic Pastures dairy co-op.

We had a May 1st party at our house with a May pole!

We were part of another May faire and got to be in a play!

We celebrated Mother's day on May 9th and Craig's birthday on May 11th.

On May 15th, our friends, the Rices, were sealed as a family in the Redlands temple for time and all eternity. That was one of the most special days of my life!!!

We went to the Corona Rennaisannce Faire for FREE through their reading program. (The girls read books to get themselves and us in free. They got to go on a "learning hunt" and were made ladies by the French King.

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