Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Co-Op Fun

I've been a part of a wonderful food co-op for a little over a year now. I am sooooo blessed!! I get perfect, delicious organic raw milk, raw cheese, free-range organic eggs, and lots of great organic produce at super low prices. My friend Claudia recently joined our co-op too and it has turned into a great playdate for our kids. Today we decided to volunteer together and our kids got to help put the eggs in their cartons. It was so much fun!

Afterwards Claudia and her girls came over to our place for lunch and playing. We're thinking about making it a regular thing with a scheduled craft or handwork. Today, the girls just played. They had SO MUCH fun!!

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Lisa S. Luckey said...

Hi Suzie,

I love the photo of the kids in the window frame, they look so cute!

Lisa Moody