Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hannah's Baptism

Today was a super special day for us. My friend Gary, who I went to primary with as a child, baptized his little girl Hannah who is now Bella's good friend! Gary and his family have recently become more active in our church again and it is wonderful to see them enjoying the blessings of the gospel. The baptism was beautiful. I was able to sing " I am a Child of God" which was a privilege to me.

Afterwards, we went to Gary's for lunch. It was wonderful to hang out with him and his family while our girls played like crazy together. I loved being able to talk also to Gary's brother, David, who I was also good friends with, and in fact had a huge crush on when I was 9! We had so much fun remembering people and events from so long ago. It was a wonderful day!

By the way, the picture is a card Ceci made for Hannah. Isn't she a great little artist for 3? :)

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