Friday, January 29, 2010

Farmer's Market & Play Group

After getting totally rained out last week, we were happy to have a sunny Thursday for our Farmer's Market yesterday. What made it even better, was running into our friends, Julie from our home school group, Janet from church and then their kids who are our friends! We had a great time playing at the banyan tree, and playing music with this fun guy. I also got a lot of shopping done!

Then today we went to a really fun Waldorf-inspired play group at our friend Karin's house and led by Robin. There were lots of kids there, ranging from 3-9 years old. The big kids played jumprope and other games, like "red light green light." We also planted bulbs that we're going to watch grow over the next few weeks.

We ended with an awesome story told by Robin with puppets. She did a fantastic job.

After some of the older kids left, my friend AnnMarie came with her kids. They, my kids and Karin's daughter Karina went crazy playing dress-up! It was so much fun, I could hardly get my girls to leave!! :)

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