Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma Ginny!

Yesterday was Grandma Ginny's 83rd birthday!! She is doing great! We went out to her house and started a roast dinner. We then took a walk out on the Hermosa Pier and watched the sunset. It was beautiful.

We went back home and made mashed potatoes, gravy, artichokes and a salad. It was very nice. We then brought out a boysenberry pie (which is her favorite) and ice cream. We sang to her and enjoyed the pie.

Later, we gave her a gift we'd worked on all morning. We made her a 2010 calendar that we put pictures in for every month. Almost every picture had her in it from something we'd all done together from last year. The girls put in the numbers for each month and decorated around each picture. We tried to make it very special and I think it was. We hope she liked it!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

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