Monday, February 15, 2010


We watched the first two hours of Emma last night and then the last two hours this morning. It's a great version! You MUST see it if you have not!

We had a super-fun day. It was sunny and warm in Hermosa Beach! We drove along the coast a bit but didn't get out because it was really crowded!!

We went to one of our very favorite places, Olvera Street. We just like it there. I was also on a quest for a new red blouse!! We wandered Olvera and it was really fun. I tried on at least 6 red blouses! :)

But then, we decided to check out China town!! It was soooooooo much fun to go there! We haven't been in ages, I almost forgot how wonderful it is there!! They have the most attractive trinkets and bright things for sale! Paper lanterns, lucky cats, paper dragons, china doll shoes! I can't wait to bring the girls back here! And I found a totally beautiful red Chinese blouse that I had to have for a very small price. I LOVE LA!!

We then went back to Olvera. I got the other red blouse I wanted-- had to give Mexico my support! :) We got some delicious unhealthy Mexican food-- (bad for the body, good for the soul!) We soaked in the ambience as much as we could before we ran off to see "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus." It was pretty good! Story was a little shaky, but the art direction and TOM WAITS made up for that. Not to mention Heath Ledger!

We had a fun 12th! Happy Anniversary to us! :)

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