Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Valentine Party!

Today we had our Valentine party. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun! We went to our milk co-op and then came back with Tamar and Calista! Soon, Nathalia and Isabella arrived. We started by baking a yummy chocolate cake and putting it in the oven. Then we made Valentine heart boxes. We cut them out, folded and glued them and then decorated them with stickers.

Then Lucy told the girls a Valentines story while I got out cakes and put chocolate sauce on them. Then the girls all came in and we had the cakes, chocolate fondue with fruit and heart sandwiches. YUM!!

We made sure to sing "Happy Birthday" to Olivia who's birthday is in TWO DAYS! She loved it!

After the cake, we exchanged Valentines with each other. They were beautiful and the little molded hearts are home made crayons!! :)

It was a super-fun party!

If you can believe it, Bella, Olivia and I went to our ward cooking night where we learned to make these. FUN!!

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