Monday, February 1, 2010

New Boots!

After our snow day, I realized the girls needed some boots and so I found some great ones on sale for half-price from Crocs!! Well they came last Saturday and the girls were super-excited to wear them. So today, we took our walk wearing them and they loved it!! I had to get a picture to capture their excitement!

Because it was such a beautiful day, I felt inspired to have a science lesson and work in the garden. We put our snap peas onto tomato cages (they were on the ground) and thinned and transplanted the romaine and butter lettuce along with the swiss chard. We also did some weeding. Our garden looks sooooo much better, but I still need to take an "after" picture of the lettuce! We are excited to see the snap peas wrap their vines around the cage!

It was sooo fun gardening in the beautiful sun today!