Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Shopping

What a fun shopping night we had! We didn't really buy much, but it was still fun to look. We went to one of my most favorite stores, 10,000 Villages, where everything is Fair Trade. What a BEAUTIFUL store! All that they sell is made in other countries such as Peru, India, the Philippines, etc. and the people who make the items are paid a fair wage. There were many beautiful things-jewelry, scarves, baskets, linens, etc. But my favorite were all the NATIVITY SETS. (Wish I would have taken a picture of one.) I LOVED them and loved knowing they were made all around the world and some in the countries I just mentioned. Somehow, I could feel the love that the creators must have felt making their nativity sets as I looked at them. It felt neat to think of all the people around the world that celebrate Christ's birth.

The girls had a blast playing with the jewelry, scarves and baskets!

There was beautiful World Christmas music playing and it was so nice, I had to buy the CD. It's made by Putumayo and we LOVE it! I highly recommend it. We also shared a divine raspberry chocolate bar! If you are a local, you must do some shopping at this store!

We then went to Stats. What a magical store!! We had a great time looking at the Christmas miniature villages, the nativity sets, the beautiful ornaments and the AMAZING decorated trees. What a gorgeous place, we can't let a Christmas go by without visiting. They girls had a great time playing with this talking parrot that repeats what you say over and over.

We ended the night at Cost Plus, another favorite store. What a fun night!!


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, I would love to see this store sometime. I have drooled at the items on their online store. What fun this must have been!

susan said...

Stats! It hoits! It hoits!

H. Torres said...

Suzy you are so amazing. I feel so guilty that I do none of this! Your family is so blessed to have such a beautiful journal that they will be able to share with their children one day! Love you, yvonne I don't know why it says Hector. I guess because my family blog is so inactive!