Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Girl Scouts, Activity Days & Advent Calendars

Today was our Tuesday park day which we love. The girls LOVE seeing their other home schooled friends, and I LOVE talking with my wonderful, home schooling mom friends. Today was also girl scouts which my girls adore. We were blessed to have some friends from our Waldorf group join us today too. My girls are sooooooo spoiled with friends and fun!

After the park I took Bella to her Activity Days meeting which is a fun program through our church for girls 8-11. She LOVES Activity Days!! It's a bit of a sore spot for Olivia because she really wishes she could go, but being only 6, she can't. Well today, we got invited to stay. It was so nice! We got to be a part of the lesson-- which was about accomplishing goals from their "Faith in God"book, (this time, doing chores to help the family) and also working on memorizing some of the Articles of Faith, which are the basic beliefs of the Mormon church. Then we got to have a snack with them, which was fruit, granola and yogurt! My two younger ones were so happy!

When we got home the girls got to open their chocolate Advent calendars. This is one of their favorite Christmas traditions that we do. ( I wonder why?) Poor Ceci was out for the night because she had not napped earlier so she'll get to do two tomorrow. We also started this other cute Advent Calendar that will make a picture when it's all opened!

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