Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We had a total blast visiting the Skirball Museum on the west side today! It is a Jewish Cultural museum. They have the most awesome Noah's Ark exhibit for kids! There is so much fun to do there that I could hardly take the time to describe all of it. Two highlights were a drumming dancing activity and a craft making scrolls on burlap with fabric. Suffice to say that it is SUPER FUN, my kids didn't want to leave, and I understand every Thursday is free if you are a local.

We also really enjoyed the Visions and Values exhibit that displayed tons of beautiful religious items such as seder plates, menorahs, etc. (No pictures were allowed, or I would have some.) We really liked learning more about the Jewish culture and religion. I enjoyed so much learning about Hanukkah that it makes me wish we had time to celebrate it along with Christmas! It is indeed a beautiful story to think that oil that would have normally lasted only one day lasted for eight while burning in the Temple.

After a great visit at the museum, we went into Westwood to get some really yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches at Diddy Riese. My children are so spoiled!

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susan said...

Brad loves it there. I've got to try it.