Thursday, December 3, 2009

David Archuleta!!

The highly anticipated night we'd been waiting for FINALLY came! I took Isabella and Olivia to see DAVID ARCHULETA!! It was his tour for his recently released Christmas album. The show was at the Grove in Anaheim. The girls and I were soooooooooo excited!! Olivia had made a sign earlier that day that she folded and put in my purse. I hadn't even looked at it. When we were inside at the concert, she opened it up and I saw that it said, "David, marry me, I love you" with lots of hearts. So cute! I think she got this idea from her aunt Yvonne and her little cousin, Mila!! :)

The concert was FANTASTIC! In a way, it was a dream come true to me. I remember when I first heard him back on American Idol I thought, "I can't wait for him to do a Christmas album!" And there I was at his Christmas concert!! His voice was as velvety perfect as ever!!! And how wonderful to see and hear him LIVE! I have to say he puts his WHOLE SOUL into each and every word of each and every one of his songs. He does not hold back anything that he has to give. He was meant to be a performer and to share his gorgeous voice.

He entered the stage by running out -- he was dressed casually. He started with a rockin' pop song "Waiting for yesterday" from his first cd which was awesome!! All three of us were on our feet dancing with the rest of the crowd! (The girls stood on their chairs!) He was dancing and running all over the stage. He then went into "A little too not over you" which was also rockin'! Next was "My hands," also energetic and fun. I have to say, that Olivia held up her sign pretty much for the entire first three songs with this adorable look of hope that he would see it. Was she hoping he'd see it and say, "okay, let's get married!?" :) It was soooooooo cute!!! For the next song he sat down at the piano and did a Five for Fighting cover called "The Riddle." It was soooooooooo beautiful. He introduced it as a song with a very special message. :) After this, he did "Crush" which made my girls go WILD!!!!!! Then he did "Zero Gravity" which made ME go WILD!!! It's my probably favorite song of his!!! We danced like crazy! HE danced like crazy and even did a big twirl! At this point I called my sister Cindy because I was so excited and I knew she would love hearing it! Next, he mellowed out again and did a Sting cover, "Fields of Gold" with just acoustic guitar accompaniment. It was GORGEOUS! And I have to point out that they made that background of the stage all gold and sparkly for the song which was so pretty. He then did a song called "Prayer for the Children," a song written by Kurt Bestor. It was beautiful and now that I understand the circumstances behind the writing of the song better, I LOVE it. This ended the first awesome set.

During the break, the Christmas trees on the stage lit up and flashed in different colors while "March of the sugar plum fairies" played. (My girls loved it!)

Soon, he came back out and this time he was dressed very handsomely in a tie and jacket. He explained that the next half of the concert would be the Christmas portion. He then introduced the first song by saying he had taken part in writing it, "Melodies of Christmas." It was great to hear it live, it made me love it more. It was pretty and rockin'. He then did "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" which was so nice and kinda jazzy! He then did "Ave Maria" which was so classic and beautiful! The next song was "Pat a Pan" which is my FAVORITE off the album! It starts in French and it's totally rockin'! He was dancing around and singing his heart out. The cute girl that is his keyboardist switched from the keys and played the violin for this song. It was very cool she played so well. But It ended waaaay too quickly. Next was "Noel." Beautiful. Then came "Riu Riu Chiu," a GORGEOUS Spanish song that he totally rocked. Then came what he said was the last song, "Silent Night," which he sang perfectly. Then, he and the band said good night and left the stage.

Thank heavens they came right back for an encore. I knew it had to be "O Holy Night" because there was no way he was not going to do that song! It was "O Holy Night." Again, he put his whole heart and soul into it. That is what is so amazing about him--that he has the ability to put everything he has into every note. And another thing that is so beautiful is that you can feel that he means every word he sings about our Savior! I cannot say enough about his perfect voice!

It was a wonderful concert, a wonderful night. It ended too soon, but thank heavens most of it is on youtube to be watched again and again! My girls had a fabulous time. I think they are soooooooooo spoiled! I am so glad I could bring them to something uplifting and positive.

Thank you David!!


Brenda said...

Oh my goodness how cute is Lala with her sign?!?!?! Super cute sign too. I can't believe she made that and brought it without your knowledge!

cynthia said...

I love every detail!! I am so glad I finally came to look at your blog! I love the sign Lala made! What a cutie!! I also love the living tree idea! I was so determined to buy a tree this year but I got too behind with everything it's mom's fake tree again!

susan said...

What about Andrew and the princess dress?