Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Archuleta's Christmas Album

My three sisters and I are all big David Archuleta fans and we all just got his new Christmas CD. This is what I wrote to them today:


Okay, I've been listening to the CD-- it came yesterday in the mail. I literally have a crying headache, it's so beautiful. We put it in the car and we've been driving around listening to it. I LOVE IT!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!

I've been dying for this album and it has fullfilled my dreams.

And Brenda, yes, "Pat a pan" is LEGEND. I LOVE IT!! We've been listening to it the most.

I keep getting weepy and getting chills listening to the spiritual songs.

I sorta feel like I'm with you all when I'm listening to it.

I love you all!


I LOVE this CD!! It feels a little strange, listening to Christmas music in October, like I'm cheating or opening my Christmas presents too early, but I LOVE it! You can really feel the love that David has for our Savior, it's so nice to know that he really means the spiritual words that he is singing. And how I LOVE Christmas carols such as "O Holy Night" and "Joy to the World!" I'm loving it and so are my little girls!! Run out and get your copy today!!

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Tammy said...

Oh, yes, this was a highly anticipated CD in our home, too. Katie is sure he will marry her someday. ;)

We love his music and played his first CD like crazy, but this is definitely our favorite of his now. The music is beautiful. Did you get a chance to read what he wrote in the little booklet that comes with the CD? I love how he repeatedly thanks his Savior.