Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Beautiful, Busy Saturday!

What a busy and beautiful day we had today! It started by going to our good friend James' baptism. Bella and James have been friends and in the same primary class since they were 3! It was a very nice service, it is always wonderful to see a child choose to follow Christ and be baptized.

We then took the girls to their Polynesian dance class and then went straight to our friend Lauren's 7th birthday party. It was cowgirl themed and really cute! Lauren always has the best parties because her mama, my very good friend Jenelle, is an excellent party planner! My girls were so happy to celebrate with their friend.

We then left to go to ANOTHER baptism for our friend Hannah! Hannah is in our home school group and our milk coop so we get to see each other often. She is a sweetie. Her baptism was beautiful and her mama, my good friend Kristen, gave a beautiful talk. We then went to Kristen's home for dinner and to hang out. There were lots of kids running around and having fun. It was very nice, especially to hang out with some of the other families from my home school group.

It was a very full and even exhausting day because I had to go to squeeze in errands and grocery shopping after that! (Michael's, Trader Joe's, Target)

I, very out of character, forgot to take pictures at both of the baptisms. I'm hoping to get some from the mama's and post later!

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