Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Dad got a Hospital Bed!!

Today was a really busy crazy one!!

It starts with the fact that my Dad got a back injury almost 2 months ago. He was walking out to our pool and tripped over a stray board and fell right on his bottom. It has been VERY HARD on him, he's been in A LOT of pain although X-rays showed no break. So my poor Dad has been on lots of pain meds and was sleeping in a chair because it was too hard for him to get up from a laying down position. Well, we just discovered yesterday that he now has ulcers and an infection in his legs due to them not being elevated and a lack of circulation. It has been really bad. My poor, wonderful Dad! :(

So now the good news:

My dad got a hospital bed today!!!!!! This means he can lay flat on his back, elevate his legs and still be able to get out of bed! This means he can sleep comfortably and that his legs can heal. We are so happy!

I have to give all the credit to my younger sister, Cindy. She called the medical supply place and my Dad's insurance company and arranged everything. What a blessing!! I really did not realize how bad things were with my Dad until yesterday. I guess I was a little too wrapped up in Halloween.

AND as Enrichment leader in my ward with a big quilt and teddy bear making night tonight, I had a lot going on. It was awesome to see the arrival of this bed and come home to see my sweet Dad lying in it.

By the way, I brought my girls to Enrichment with me tonight and they loved making the teddy bears. Wish I would have taken a picture!

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