Sunday, October 18, 2009

A visit from Tristan and Eathen!

Today after church Brieanne came to stay with us. How I love to see my dear friend. The kids were sooooooooo happy to be together. They all LOVE chickens so I had to get this picture of them all.

I haven't posted pictures of the chickens in a long time-- they are so big now!! I don't blog much about the chickens because I only try to blog about happy things and our chickens have been a bit of a burden. (I've had to retrieve from up and down the street way too many times and my neighbor has been very unhappy when they've gotten in her yard!) We've also had a lot of comings and goings with them. We have six chickens total right now and three are from our original five that we got on Easter. (One accidently fell in our pool and one wandered off. :( ) Brieanne replaced those two with two more that she gave us. My friend Lucy also gave us two chickens a while back and we still have Penelope (the one Olivia is holding.) Penelope came with a chicken named Kathryn, but when we discovered Kathyrn was a rooster, we gave him to Brieanne! It has just recently come to our attention that Jasmine (in Bella's arms) is also a rooster!!! So we can't keep him much longer! Raising chickens can be A LOT of work.
From left to right, Jasmine, Penelope, Hannah, Jackie, and Emily. Banana is not in the picture.

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Tammy said...

LOL, reminds me much of when we had chickens a few years back. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em, but they are indeed a lot of work!