Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Home School Halloween Party!

So this is how Bella and Ceci's costumes turned out! I spent the entire morning finishing them all the way until we had to leave! I drew the designs on Bella's dress and then finished her wig. I then made Ceci's pumpkin costume. By the time I was done, I had to hurry and put make-up on because it was time to go! I was so grateful that Olivia had chosen such an easy costume! (I hope next year we can recycle ones we already have! :) )

Our home school group party was really cute and fun. Some of us moms brought games to play. We brought bobbing for apples. Another mom did a super cute "Monster Walk" cake walk game. Another mom brought a shooting game and another organized a pumpkin rolling relay race!

Everything was great until the wind suddenly came in giant gusts!!! We were literally blown out of the park!

Our party was already coming to a close, but this made us leave a little more quickly! But we sure had a lot of fun!

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Natalie said...

Your girls are SO DARLING! I love these pics.