Friday, October 9, 2009

The Huntington!

We have been soooo busy, that I hardly find time for blogging! I don't know how other home schooling bloggers do it, but I'm feeling like I can barely squeeze it in. (Maybe it's because of all the diapers I'm still changing?)

Anyways, today we went to the Huntington Library with some sweet new friends and we had a blast. I just had to post some photos. I met my new friend Courtney at my home school group-- she recently moved into the area. We have lots in common in that we're both home schoolers, both have 3 daughters, and are both members of the same church!

Courtney and I both loved it when our littlest ones decided to hold hands with each other-- so cute!

It was so fun to hang out today! Of course, our girls had so much fun. I'm looking forward to us spending more time together!

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saskia said...

oh, how I love this place- I want to take my kids so bad!