Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!

Today we did lots to get ready for Halloween. After our schooling, I continued working on costumes, sewing the sleeves on Bella's Sally dress, the last blue patch and then hemming things up. We then tried to dye the dress in coffee (borrowed some from the neighbors) but it only made the dress about 2% darker. Oh well! I also got to work on Bella's Sally wig which was so much work, I think I would buy one if I had the chance to do it over again! (At least I only paid $2 for the yarn!) When Craig got home, he put up our trusty scarecrow and then carved a pumpkin with the girls for family home evening. They had a great time carving and I think it came out very cute! Somehow, we got the girls in bed just in time to watch "Dancing with the Stars!" Yay! While watching, I got to start on Ceci's costume, cutting out leaves and making her a little beret with a stem on top. I voted for Donny with two email addresses and one phone! You can vote 10 times per address and phone. I always throw in a couple votes for Aaron Carter because I think he dances great!

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